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Private Event, Houston, Tx

'Tablaito Navidad'

Lucia & Valdemar - Flamenco Studio, 7016 Culmore Dr, Houston, TX

Celebrate a 'Flamenco Christmas Tablaito' with us! Traditional flamenco, Spanish Celtic, and villancicos (Spanish Christmas carols) in flamenco style! With Lucia, cante; Val, guitar and zanfonia (hurdy gurdy); Maria Alegre, violin and voice; Janet Meza, dance; Lorena Gomez, dance. An intimate, up-close and unique Celebration of the Season! We will take a break after the approximate hour no intermission performance. I hope you will join us with your participation of traditional Christmas carols after the show.   You may BYOB. Email: lucia@flamencoincorg or text 832-721-0357   Seating is limited. Get tickets NOW!  

Flamenco Poets Society - at MATCH Theater

Aranjuez My Love- Joaquin Rodrigo, 3400 Main St., Houston, TX

        The Flamenco Poets Society Cafe Cantante Series at the Match Theater, 3400 Main St., Houston, Tx. 77002 on Sunday, November 10th at 6pm. The event will be celebrating the music of Joaquin Rodrigo and the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca. The presentation features Ms. Hsin-Jung Tsai playing the 2nd movement of Concierto de Aranjuez for piano. Shawn Renzoh Head interprets Rodrigo's Cuatro Canciones Sefardies on Shakuhachi (Japanese flute) accompanied by Hsin-Jung Tsai piano. Alex Kalamarides will read the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca.       Please join us for an evening of inspirational music and poetry. Tickets at MATCH theater: https://matchouston.org/events/2019/joaquin-rodrigo-aranjuez-my-love  



$27., $22. students/senior, $32. at the door

Lucia & Valdemar Flamenco

Tablaito Flamenco---SOLD OUT, 7016 Culmore Drive, Houston, TX

Lucia & Valdemar Flamenco will be presenting a fall 'Tablaito Flamenco', house concert. Featuring Lucia Rodriguez on cante, Valdemar Phoenix on guitar and the exciting dances of Janet Meza, La Paloma and Alexandra Simmons, La Baronesa. Traditional flamenco in an intimate up close tablao setting. We do not serve food or drinks so you may BYOB. You may bring your own wine, soft drinks, and/or munchies. Plenty of free parking in front of house and across the street.  Limited seating so get your tickets soon! Flamenco aficionados and friends come join us!    SOLD OUT

Beginner Dance Classes

Classes Resume, Houston, TX

Escuela Flamenca de Lucia starts up again with Beginner Flamenco Dance on Saturday, September 7th at 11am. Working on tango flamenco technique/steps; and rumba Email: lucia@flamencoinc.org or text 832-721-0357    

Houston flamenco dance students

Monthly - Flamenco Jam, 7016 Culmore Drive, Houston, Tx.

Practice with live guitarists and cante!! Dancers learn how to lead! We go over as many dances as attendees know. You should know complete dances or complete segments in order to dance in the Jam. If you don't know dances you may attend and learn 'compas', proper palmas, etc. Depending on who attends we touch on various aspects of flamenco communication like listening to guitar, cante, palmas, llamadas, etc.  

Hobby Center Zilkha Hall

Adventure w Beauty & a Beast, Houston, TX

Sunrise International Dance Company presents Adventures With Beauty and the Beast, an International Dance Show Recital. Artistic Director Oksana Chernyuk with association of URAA. Assistant choreographer Yuriy Kutsmida, special guests Kyle Van Newkirk, Lucia Rodriguez-Sanchez, Valdemar Phoenix and Kenneth Knezick. February 16th at the Hobby Center at 6:30pm. Tickets: http://www.thehobbycenter.org 

from Lucia & Valdemar

A safe and very Happy New Year!, Houston, TX

  Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe and happy holiday season!

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Celt Iberia

Specializing in Spanish Celtic, the music of Galicia, Asturias, and Cantabria


Celtic Nations - England (Cornwall), France (Brittany), Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Spain (northern regions), Wales

Celt Iberia has evolved from Spain's Celtic past. The provinces of Galicia and Asturias, in particular, have their own music and dance forms, and regional dialects of Spanish: Galego and Asturianu.

In the 19th and early 20th Centuries, the basis of Spanish Celtic was the "gaita and tamboril," the Spanish bagpipe and drum. This music was performed at public festivals, ceremonies, government and private functions, funerals, and other events.  Spanish Celtic music evolved to include bagpipes, the zanfona (hurdy gurdy), flutes, voice, violin, percussion, and other instruments, whose histories go back further than the Middle Ages.  Today there are many groups in Spain dedicated to preserving and expanding this music throughout Spain and the world.

It may be strange to think of Spain as a Celtic culture but, the Galician and Asturian landscapes are dotted with pre-Roman archeological Celtic settlements, and this region of Europe was once populated by a people who spoke a Celtic tongue. These people were called the Iberian Celts. This is the origin of our musical group's name, Celt Iberia.