Dance Class Schedule

Gulfgate Mall/Hobby area) email: or call Lucia at 832-721-0357 for a current monthly e-schedule and more information.


7:00pm - 8:30pmIntermediate/Adv. -working new Guajira dance. May review other dances (tangos, alegrias, solea por bulerias)


7:00pm -8:30pm - Rehearsal as scheduled  


7:00pm - 8:30pm - Two + years dance experience - Castanets and teaching new dance 'Andalusia'. May review dances - sevillanas, fandangos, pasodoble with castanets; Class is good for turns, stretching, balance and leg lifts.


Coming June 1,2019 - Beginners - Six (6) week 'Intro to Flamenco Dance' - June 1 - July 6 at 11am to 12:15 noon - Summer 6 wk session 75.00

1:00pm - 3:00pm - Flamenco Jam, once a month

MONTHLY group tuition:

$12.00 per class/group/pay full month (pro-rated in partial month)

$15.00 drop in or pay per class

Private Classes, coaching by appointment only; Lucia 832.721.0357; Valdemar Phoenix (guitar) 713.428.1491 

      What to Wear

 You should wear (prefer black) leotard, flamenco practice skirt or a regular black circular skirt, dance shoes or regular medium heel closed toe shoe (for beginners who don't have flamenco dance shoes). You should acquire dance shoes as soon as possible. No big jewelry please, this can cause accidents to you or to others. Wear your hair away from your face in a bun or pony tail. Men can wear jogging pants or dance pants and tee-shirt; comfortable clothes that do not impede movement and that I may see your body placement. All students should wear support girdles, dance trunks, or a tummy support, especially when doing heavy footwork (intermediate & advanced).

More info: 832.721.0357 or email:

Websites and Flamenco Information

     Madrid, information site

     Houston poets organization

     Flamenco cd's, dvd's, books, etc.

     San Antonio store for shoes and supplies

Upcoming Events

  • Lucia & Valdemar Flamenco
    Houston TX
  • 6 Week Summer Beginner Dance
    Houston TX
    11am to 12:15 noon

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