Traditional Flamenco and Original Contemporary Flamenco and Spanish Folk 

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Lucia Rodriguez and Valdemar Phoenix, two flamenco artists who started performing together in the early 1980's, have made their life mission to preserve and promote in various ways the rich artistic performing art traditions of both the north and south of Spain.



"Val and Lucia are that rarity, a duo who prove that one plus one equals many more than two. As flamenco artists each is a virtuoso in his own right; together they have the power, flexibility, coordination, and lyricism of a much larger ensemble. Lucia is a singer and dancer of great impact and range, especially so in live performance. Val is a guitarist of enormous creativity whose solos pay homage to the past while helping to invent a new flamenco tradition..."   Anthony Weller, Classic and Jazz Guitarist; Author; composer.


 "OMG, your CD's are fab, they blew my mind...what a wonderful voice, it's so pure and definite. Your interpretations of all the tunes were wonderful. Thanks and I wish you and your equally talented hubby all the luck in the world." ......  2012 Jesus Moreno, former professional dancer, San Antonio; Teresa & Curro Co; Jose Greco Senior Co.; El Ciro Flamenco Company.   


Upcoming Events

  • Lucia & Valdemar w Flamenco Andaluz
    Houston TX