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Why Dance? Learn traditional flamenco from an experienced teacher. It's Fun. Release stress. Find inner peace. Good exercise. Move to the rhythm of flamenco!

Boost your spirit, feed your soul! Dance! Good exercise, great stress relief and fun! On-going dance classes by the Month, for Ages 12 years and up, teens, young adults, mature adults ... all welcome! Schedule below.

Please contact me, especially if you are a new student, before dropping in on a class and confirm class and exact time is a go. For details, phone: 832.721.0357 or email: lucia@flamencoinc.org   


  "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." 

 "My foundation, structure, and compas in Flamenco is Lucia Rodriguez. Lots of dancers teach choreography, Lucia guides you to understand and create your own! I learned to be inspired by others but to always express my own Duende! Lucia is my Maestra and my rock!"........ Sianey Montesdeoca (former student), New York, NY

"It was truly a wonderful experience. The more I see of those little dance gatherings, the more I am inspired as a student. I have surprised myself especially when I think about how much older I am than the others." ........Elizabeth Schuman, student     

  "Lucia loves sharing her vast knowledge of Spanish dance and music. With her personal instruction,  I quickly learned about the many regions and their dances. I look forward to completing each class accompanied by live guitar and cante! Lucia offers the opportunity to learn the art of true Flamenco." ..... Marie Laplante (present student)



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