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Valdemar Phoenix has acquired a great store of flamenco knowledge, culture, and history, distilled from his career spanning over three decades. He is a true maestro in the performance as well as educational sense. His flamenco tradition is grounded in the music of his mentor, Mario Escudero.  He was also fortunate to have had the guidance of his brother-in-law, Miguel Rodriguez, a first-class guitarist in his own right. And he is also especially privileged to have met the virtuoso Jose Luis de la Paz, who also studied under the watchful eye (and ear) of Mario Escudero.  Naturally, they have developed a firm friendship and professional relationship. And so the lineage continues.




Valdemar understands not only the notes in the music, but the essence of each flamenco palo or style. His special talent is taking a flamenco theme and arranging it for his musical ensemble, which includes voice, flute, violin, and percussion. For this reason, he is not merely a guitarist, but a flamenco musician. Therefore, his music is a contemporary expression of a very traditional sound. He is also an accompanist of the flamenco dance, and the song (cante), which is the essence of the art.

He is the musical director of Lucia & Valdemar -  Flamenco. He has taught numerous flamenco guitar students in the Houston area, many of whom have gone on to work with other flamenco groups. He also developed and taught the History of the Modern Guitar at the music department of the University of Houston-Downtown.


With his wife and partner, Lucia, he has recorded 3 CDs and one full-length performance video, and was co-founder of the Houston Society of Flamenco Arts, which produced Houston's only ongoing flamenco concert series from 1983 through 2009.


His current project is co-producing the house concert series with Lucia at their home studio.