LUCIA, flamenco singer and dance teacher


1980 to present - teaching dance; choreographer and singer for Lucia & Valdemar Flamenco; since 2004 singer and percussionist for Celt Iberia musical group. 

Flamenco Workshops and performances with other local and out of state groups such as Rey Duran in MacAllen, Ambassadors International Ballet, Mixteco Folklorico, Del Espadin , Soniquete, Timo Lozano Spanish Dance Co.; workshops in places such as Kansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri.

2010 - 3rd Cd titled 'Celtic Connection'

2005 - 2nd Cd titled 'Ritmo Azul'

2004 to 2009 Talento Bilingue Theater (TBH) Theater Seasons 
1983 to 2005 Houston Society of Flamenco Arts (HSFA) Flamenco Cuadros and Original Theatrical choreographies-Ritmo Azul (2002); Grafico Dance Video (2000); Nueva Espana Suite(1995);Grafico (1994); Vinetas Flamencas(1991); Lorca!(2004); Etnodance (2006)

2005 &2007 - Performer-Classical Minds Guitar Festival, part of the Texas Music Festival
2004 - Faculty and Performer-St.Joseph, Missouri International Guitar Festival

2002 - 2005- Taught at the Houston Ballet Academy Summer programs

1986 - 2004 - Texas Commission for the Arts Touring Program (18 years)

1985 - 1988 - Young Audiences of Houston School Programs

1998 - 1st Cd 'Nuestra Sangre Flamenca'

1983 - 2009 -Co-founder of the Houston Society of Flamenco Arts (HSFA)
The HSFA sponsors and volunteers produced, sponsored and co-sponsored many Flamenco concerts and Spanish related arts events to Houston audiences. HSFA presented local,national and international artists such as Silviana, The Champions, Edwardo Montemayor, Pilar Rioja, Miguel Rodriguez, Paco del Puerto, Paco de Lucia Sextet, Susanna di Palma, Maria Benitez, Cumbre, Rafael Riqueni, Maya Tatiana, Anya Vollhart, Oscar Trevino, Timo Lozano, Antonio Vargas, Antonio Granjero, Teo Morca, and many others.
1977 - Formed the original Trio Gitanerias in Houston with former San Antonio dancer, Gina Uribe and virtuoso flamenco guitarist and brother Miguel Rodriguez.
1967-1970 - Los Flamencos de San Antonio under the direction of Teresa & Curro Champion
1965-1968 - Mexican American Cultural Exchange Institute. Ballet folklorico Mexicano, classical ballet and music under Mexico City's foremost teachers. Scholarship to Bellas Artes in Mexico City

Locally at major theaters such as the Wortham Theater, Hobby Center, George R. Brown Convention Center, Rice University Hamman Hall, Jones Hall St.Thomas, Museum of Fine Arts, Children's Museum,etc. Presentations throughout Texas have included Colombus Opera House, Titus County Fair, Waco Hippodrome, Beeville University, etc. National/International presentations such as in Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, the Northeast, Mexico, Cayman Islands.

Has performed for famous personalities like Desi Arnaz, Chuck Conners, Lola Beltran, Pete Rose, Ambassadors from Spain, Spanish Consuls. Has opened show presentations for international personalities such as the late Tito Guizar, Rocio Jurado, Mark Anthony, Ricardo Montaner. Has shared the stage with many other performers such as harpsichordist Will Volker, Indian Dance troupe Anjali, classical guitarist Marc Garvin, Argentinian musician Alfredo Espinosa, Mariachi Los Gallitos, Roy Brown from Puerto Rico, classical Spanish guitarist Maria Cortes, Indian sitar player,Srinivas, Isabel Ganz, Sephardic singer and musician, and others. As a cantaora (flamenco singer) Lucia has shared the stage with other flamenco singers such as Vicente Griego, Salvadora Galan, Rubina Carmona, Paco Garrigues, and Fernando Galvan.

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