Beginners Questions

Should I start dance classes next month? When are you starting a new beginners class? Are they too far ahead for me to join? Do you think I'll hold the class back?  

My answer is “just start.” The truth is that there is never a perfectly balanced class level. The people attending that class may have previous dance experience, not any at all, or might want to review the basics for their own reasons. Students' reasons for dancing may vary too; I've always wanted to learn flamenco dance, I like the music, I saw it in Spain, I want to be in a dance group, I need an exercise program, etc.

 In my 35+ years of teaching dance I can sincerely tell you that it is an individual decision and endeavor. You, the student,  have to make the commitment to learn, be consistent attending your classes, practice what you learn at each class and don't worry about anybody else. That's the teacher's problem. Every student advances at his or her own pace.  At first you might feel you're way behind or become frustrated. I say, just hang in there and be consistent. The time will come when you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you learn your first complete dance. It's very much up to the individual to graduate through the ranks of dancing or any other kind of performing art.

March 2013